A milestone marks the accomplishment of a predetermined set of tasks, activities, or events that culminate into noteworthy point in time.  Unlike a task, a milestone has no duration on a project schedule – it is simply marked as a point in time.  Here are two examples of milestones and the tasks/activities/events leading up to them –

Project Type:  Developing a New Product

Milestone:  Product Design Released for Tooling and Production

Conditions for Milestone Completion:

  • Design fully tested and approved by Marketing and Quality teams
  • Drawings complete and released in system
  • Capital Appropriate Request approved
  • Product Safety Assessment complete

Project Type:  Re-Organizing a Corporate Team

Milestone:  Communication Plan Finalized

  • Re-Org plan approved by all functional leaders, Director level and above
  • Organization charts complete
  • HR risk assessment updated
  • Communication media and content reviewed/approved by EVP of Human Resources