Turbocharging the RACI Chart with monday.com

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Let’s get right to it – Excel was awesome for decades, but the email + Excel collaboration combo now looks ancient compared to cloud collaboration tools like monday.com.

Compare the static, somewhat bland Excel sheet on our home page to this version, which is referred to as a “board,” a.k.a. living spreadsheet

A RACI Chart Using monday.com

In addition to looking spiffy, there are several features that take this cloud-based RACI Chart to a new level –

It’s a Living Document

Team members can view and update the document live, and always know that they are looking at the current version.

Task Tracking and Automatic Updates

There are several automation options built into monday.com. Team members can be notified every time the RACI chart has changed, or only when certain columns change. All of this is set up in seconds with pre-built board automation.

Compare Email Attachments to This

A project like the parking lot repave will easily generate 100+ emails with various communication updates and information. With monday.com, team communication and information stay attached to the board, readily accessible. Simply click on a cell and attach files or start a conversation.

Attachments and Conversations all Stay Within the Board

Include Outside Collaborators with Controlled Permissions

Since the app is cloud-based, it’s easy to include outside parties such as contractors and vendors, while at the same time controlling what they can see and edit.

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Sharing the Board with You

The RACI chart board above took about 20 minutes to make. If you’d like us to share it with you, sign up for the free trial on monday.com and then send us an email, and we will add you to our workgroup.