RACI Template

Here is the RACI chart template (Excel) that was used for the parking lot re-paving project noted on the home page (see the suggestions below if you’d like some guidance in using the template):

RACI chart template

The template can easily accommodate larger projects by inserting additional rows and columns.  As the RACI chart grows in size, we’ve found it helpful to maintain the alternating row colors for easy reading.  Also consider freezing the panes in the chart to maintain row and column headers as the chart is expanded.

1. Header Information

RACI Chart - Header Information
Header Information
1. Process Name / DescriptionNote the process name as succinctly as possible.
To prevent confusion, it may also be helpful to note what is out of scope, i.e., “This RACI chart excludes repainting the lines, which is being handled separately by the maintenance team.”
2. Created On DateNote the date that the RACI chart was first created and agreed upon by the team. It is common to circulate the document for final review/approval before communicating the chart outside of the team.
3. Revision DateAs the chart is updated, note the latest revision date to help ensure that all team members have the most up-to-date version.
4. Created byNote the team members who participated in the RACI charting session. Assuming that you have involved all of the affected functions, having the team members’ names on the chart will add credibility to the document when it is referenced by other team members in the future.

2. R-A-C-I Details

RACI chart details section in template - insert rows and columns as needed
Chart Details
5. R-A-C-I PartiesList the individuals (names or job titles) involved in the process.  Insert or delete columns as needed.  These column headers are often expanded as the RACI chart is developed.
6. Tasks or DecisionsList the tasks and/or critical decisions in this column as the RACI chart is developed.  We recommend highlighting alternating rows (as is done with the template example) for easy reading.  Insert or delete rows as needed.